Application Of Stepping Motor In Packaging Machinery

Stepper motor control gear pump can also achieve accurate metering. Gear pumps have been widely used in conveying viscous materials, such as syrup, bean paste, white wine, oil, tomato paste, etc. The gear pump metering is measured by the rotation of a pair of gears, and the material is forced to be sent from the inlet to the outlet through the space between the teeth and the teeth. The power comes from the stepper motor. The rotation position and speed of the stepper motor are controlled by the programmable controller. The measurement accuracy is higher than that of the piston pump. In the packaging machine with bag making, filling and sealing, the plastic film for packaging is required to be positioned and fixed-length. Whether it is intermittent or continuous, it can be reliably completed with a stepper motor. The stepping motor is directly connected with the pulling roller, which not only simplifies the structure, but also is extremely convenient to adjust, as long as it can be achieved through the buttons on the control panel, which saves both the adjustment time and the packaging material.