Development Trend Of Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor

The first development trend of hybrid linear stepper motor is to continue to develop in the direction of miniaturization. With the expansion of the application field of the motor itself and the continuous miniaturization of various types of complete machines, the motors required to be matched with it must also be smaller and smaller. Extend downward in the direction of 39, 35, 30, 25.

The second development trend of hybrid linear stepper motor is to change the circular motor to a square motor. Since the motor adopts a square structure, it is possible that the rotor is designed to be larger than a circle, so its torque to volume ratio is much improved. For the motor of the same frame size, the torque of the square will be increased by 30% to 40% than that of the circle.

The third development trend of hybrid linear stepper motor is the comprehensive design of the motor. That is, the rotor position sensor, reduction gear, etc. are integrated with the motor body, which makes it easy to form a closed-loop system, so it has more superior control performance.

The fourth trend of development is the development of five-phase and three-phase motors. Currently widely used two-phase and four-phase motors have greater vibration and noise, while five-phase and three-phase motors have advantages. As far as these two types of motors are concerned, the drive circuit of a five-phase motor is more precise and complex than a three-phase motor, so the price ratio of a three-phase motor system is lower than that of a five-phase motor.