Do you know how to match accessories when DIY one electtric skateboard ?

The choice of accessories:

1, to DIY a Eskateboard, the most important thing is to clarify what is the maximum speed they need.

2, to determine the speed, you can choose the appropriate electric skateboard motor KV value and battery pack, the belt gear ratio, etc.

electric skateboard motor

3, and then according to the motor KV value and motor power rating to choose V4 or V6 (if there is a clear demand for ESC current, further determine the ESC type according to the size of the current).

ESCv4 skateboard
4, and then according to the size of the current to determine how much battery selection and.

5, the remote control will be based on the need for display or not to decide whether to use VX1 or VX2 remote.

Diy electric skateboard parts remote VX2