Flipsky DIY ESK8 electric skateboard Group T5 kit Assembly and riding test

Flipsky DIY ESK8 electric skateboard Group T5 kit Assembly and riding test The parts which were used including Flipsky battle hardened 6354*2 pcs /
12" Double Kingpin trucks *1 set /Honeycomb wheels * 1 set


Flipsky DIY ESK8 electric skateboard Group T5 kit


ATM Pneumatic Offroad Wheels are favored by many of our customers, but the disadvantage is that they have to be inflated after a period of time. This honeycomb wheel replaces the original inflatable part with a honeycomb structure, so that it can play a similar damping effect to traditional tires, and there is no need to worry about air leakage of wheels or a puncture occurs when riding on some poor roads.


1. How is the shock absorption effect?

A: The advantage of this 6" ATM honeycomb wheel is to maximize the strength of the wheel while maintaining a certain shock absorption performance. The wheel structure is very strong, resistant to deformation, no need for inflation, and easy to maintain.

2.How is the quality?

A: The honeycomb wheel is mostly used in the military, so its manufacturing performance is mainly sturdy and off-road performance, and it makes people feels like riding on flat ground when riding in the field. It is also superior to ordinary tires in terms of noise suppression and tire friction heat. What's more,it is suitable for use in areas with large temperature differences like the desert, so adding one set of honeycomb wheels for your electric skateboard would be a great choice!

3.It looks soft, will it be shaky when riding?

A: Our tester has personally tested it, which reduces a lot of resistance and improves the endurance. Combined with the FSESC, there will be no obvious shaking at the fastest speed of 40km/h, and it won't slip because of the strong grip of the 150MM honeycomb damping tire. More wear-resistant, smooth riding and turning . See our video of mounting it with our 12" double kingpin truck and flipsky motor 6354 battble hardened:


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Flipsky DIY ESK8 electric skateboard Group T5