Flipsky motor parts assembly basic knowledge

When you do Flipsky motor parts assembly you should consider some factors to make different parts work together perfectly.

Electric skateboard Motor drive wheel

Electric skateboard Motor 6374

electric skateboard motor 6374 

Teeth: 16 teeth, the smaller the number of teeth, it will cause the wheel drive gear to turn slower, slower speed.
Pulley fit which motor, mainly depends on: the motor shaft length, inside diameter, height.
The outer diameter of the Pulley will affect the mount, if the outer diameter is too large, it will cover the screw holes on the mount.

Flipsky motor Bridge

Electric skateboard motor truck/bridge

The drive motor of the skateboard is usually placed at the end of the board. Usually the rear bridge is installed motor.
The front and rear bridges of wheel motors are not shared, but the front and rear bridges of ordinary belt motors are common.

Electric skateboard Mount

electric skateboard mount
What motors does Mount work with?
The deciding factor is: the screw mounting holes on the motor

Electric skateboard Motor Keyway

Electric skateboard Motor Keyway
3mm x 3mm x 20mm Steel Keyway (Fit for Flipsky BLDC Belt Motor 6374)
3mm x 3mm x 14mm Steel Keyway (Fit for Flipsky BLDC Belt Motor 6354/6384)