How to calculate electric skateboard speed ?

Today, I'm going to introduce a very useful esk8 tool, which is mainly used to calculate the speed and mileage of an electric skateboard. So you can plan to purchase the parts to get an aimed speed board.

Here is the magic tool:

How to calculate it?

Firstly fill the parameters according to your battery specification above.
Fill with KV value and pole number according to motor specification .The higher KV, the faster the velocity.
Efficiency: Generally, the efficiency of motors is about 85-90%.
Fill in the outside diameter of the wheel.
Fill in number of motor gears and wheel gears. The greater the number of motor gears, the faster the speed;The greater the number of wheels, the slower the speed.
Let's try it.

The following speed values calculated by referring to a set of accessories:


Cell type:Li-polymer:3.7V


Cell Capacity:3A

Continuous Discharge:10A

Max. Discharge:20A

Motor: Flipsky motor 6354/190KV/14poles


Wheel size:110mm

Motor pulley:15 Teeth

Wheel pulley:40 Teeth

By calculation, we can get:

Loaded speed:49.2km/h|30.6mph

Max speed:54.7km/h|34mph

Isn't it convenient ? Collect it now!