How To DIY Electric Skateboard?

1. Prepare the basic materials for making electric skateboards. Boards, wheels, skateboard brackets and bearings are all indispensable. If you have a skateboard at home, it is better, you can also use skateboards to modify it directly. After the skateboard has been prepared, it is necessary to prepare materials for the electric part, such as a bldc motor, an electronic speed controller, a motor bracket, a large and small synchronous wheel, and a belt.

2. Install the skateboard. Lay the surface of the skateboard flat on the ground, and then lay the sandpaper on the surface of the board. When attaching the sandpaper, pay attention to the neatness and no air bubbles. Next, install a bracket for the skateboard, use a marker to mark the installation of bridge nails on the surface of the sandpaper, insert the bridge nails from the round hole, and finally install the bracket on the 4 exposed bridge nails and fix them with nuts.

3. Assemble the electric part. First install the dc motor on the back of the skateboard, and then install the synchronous wheel. It is best to attach the belt to the synchronous wheel before installing the synchronous wheel. Then handle the bridge again and install the motor bracket on the bridge. The last part is the circuit. The battery pack, VESC, receiver, and power indicator are assembled on the back of the slide.