How to measure 3V & 5V in the VESC board by voltmeter ?

In the process of using the VESC, if you encounter the VESC does not energize the situation you need to test the board to see if the 3V & 5V voltage is normal.

Somebody maybe don't know how te measure 3V &5V voltage,so we make a video to show the process. In brief


1,First turn on the vlometer to around 220V postion;
2,Turn on the VESC
3,The cathode probe touch the "-" pin,the positive probe touch the "3V or 5V"pin ,

3V&5V pin in the board marked

4,Observe the corresponding voltage value on the voltmeter,if touch the 3V pin shows 3V that is normal,the same reason 5V will show 5V vlotage.

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