Some special features about ESC you maybe not know about

Open source solutions a sharp tool for teaching experiments :
It can be used with control boards such as Raspberry Pi, JETSON, ARDUINO, etc., which are also open source solutions, as a sharp tool for teaching experiments. The most typical application is the MIT RACECAR program. We can preset the SERVO-OUT version of the firmware for this solution!

Open sourece

Optional regenerative braking function:
Optional regenerative braking function, also known as energy recovery/absorption/feedback. The mechanical energy of the brake is converted into electrical energy and recharged back to the battery to improve the use time of mobile devices.

regenerative braking

Two-way analog signal interface:
Two-way analog signal interface: can receive 0-3.3V voltage signal as speed setting or brake, convenient to connect potentiometer speed control or industrial PLC/RTU.

Can set maximum working current and protection current
It has a powerful current monitoring function that other ESCs do not have. It can set the maximum working current and protection current. If there is an abnormal situation, it will immediately shut down for protection to avoid expensive hardware damage.

Unimaginable software VESC TOOL:
VESC TOOL: An unimaginable host computer software that can update firmware, set hundreds of parameters and monitor real-time data!

vesc tool

More gameplay needs everyone to try:
It can be used as a DC voltage regulator to drive a brushed motor, LED light dimming or electric soldering iron temperature adjustment. It can even be used as a remote control solid state relay (electronic switch) or a step-down DC power supply.