Stepper Motor VS Servo Motor

1. The accuracy of the AC servo is slightly higher than that of the stepper motor, but in most cases, the resolution of the stepper motor is already much higher than the precision required by the machine;

2. Although the torque frequency characteristics are different, not all equipment applications require high speeds. The low speed and high torque of stepper motors are usually suitable for using stepper motors within 700rpm and higher speeds for AC servo motors;

3. The AC servo has a strong overload capacity, but some stepper motor drivers also have a certain overload capacity, and a cost-effective choice can be made between the overload capacity and retaining sufficient torque margin;

4. The speed response frequency is different, which is another important factor for choosing stepper motor and AC servo motor. High response frequency is the advantage of AC servo motor. Pay attention to this feature when selecting a model.

5. In some applications of indexing control, the stepper motor turns to an angle to stop, the locking torque is large, and the AC servo retrieves the position after the position of the external force is lost. This process may cause processing errors.