The difference between Sine wave controller and Square wave controller

Sine wave controller VS Square wave controller 

 Impaction on electric skateboard and motor

  Sine wave controller  Square wave controller
Advantage 1 Mute the whole process
2 Linearity is generally better than square wave control
3 Higher motor efficiency under heavy load acceleration during climbing (the waveform is more in line with the working principle of the motor).
1 Matching is troublesome
2 The price is higher than the square wave control. The price comparison of high power is particularly obvious
3 The power consumption of the controller itself is higher than that of the square wave control
4 The sine wave voltage utilization rate is only about 85-90%, which makes it impossible to run out of the motor's extreme speed (only about 86% of the maximum speed can be run, and higher speeds need to be matched with the field weakening function.
Disadvantage 1 The matching is simple and the controller is more reliable (the simpler the more reliable principle)
2 Cheap price, large choice
3 Compared with sine wave control to save power when cruising
4 Speeding up can be more violent
5 EABS braking effect is stronger than sine wave control
6 High voltage utilization rate It can run directly out of the motor speed without the need for field weakening.
1 0-5km/h starting vibration is large
2 Noise
3 Part of the low-end control is not linear and easy to rush
4 Most of them are not smart enough and are basically not adjustable after leaving the factory (excluding high-end Kelly and the like)
5 The motor efficiency is low for acceleration and heavy load.