The motor fixed on the bracket and be stuck how to deal with

motor be stuck how to deal with

First, we need to know whether the length of the screws we use is beyond the applicable range and whether the cables are touching the motor housing. A screw that is too long may touch the outer wall or a cable that touches the motor will prevent the brushless dc motor from running.

If there is no problem with any of the above, then the next step is to make adjustments based on these two conditions.
① lead wire wrapped wire position line peak high, add glue is also more, the screw lock in a slight top will be stuck in the rotor, add a 0.5-1mm washer at the screw to use. After the increase can stop the motor and base friction, the motor can smoothly rotate

② lead wire outlet heat shrinkable sleeve at the assembly surface locking will make the wire end to the rotor extrusion, resulting in the wire heat shrinkable sleeve and rotor touching, rotor rotation is not smooth. Flatten the heat-shrinkable sleeve at the outlet end to avoid contact with the rotor, so that the rotation will be smooth.


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