The Principle Of Brushless ESC

The ESC controller is equivalent to a switch, and the control signal is a set of square wave signals that control the number of times the electric speed controller is turned on and off in a unit time.

The main application of electronic speed controller is toy models such as aeromodel, car model, ship model, flying saucer, frisbee and so on. These models drive electric motors to complete various instructions through ESC, and imitate their real working functions to achieve the effect similar to the real situation.

Therefore, there are aeromodel speed controllers specially designed for aeromodels, car models motor controllers designed for a car model, and so on. The function of the electronic speed controller is to control the motor to complete the specified speed and action. Therefore, esc controllers also have a wide range of applications in production and life, such as ESCs on electric tools, ESCs on medical equipment, ESCs on automotive turbines, ESCs for special fans, and so on.