Use ST Link Flash Program to upload firmware of VESC

Youtube Link:
Tool:STlink V2,2.54mm--2mm connector



1.Download STlink Utility( ) 

2. Download the last one “FW for HW6.0 from Benjamin(

3. Install the STlink utility (it is inlc for the STlink driver)

4.Connenct the STlink with VESC ( Wiring: 3V3-Link 3.3V; SWCLK-SWCLK; GND-GND; SWDLO-SWDLO)

5. Connect the esc with pc via USB

6.Open STlink Utility 

7.Click TARGET, Connect - >It will show the esc information

8.Click FILE& klick to search “982347289347209837_VESC_default.bin”

9。Click the write in(Right second one)

10. Click Start, if succeed, the vesc red light blinking

11. Power off the Vesc and disconnect with STlink after the finish

12.Connect the vesc with pc for firmware upload