VESC firmware update tutorial

VESC firmware update tutorial

VESC tool
Intro: Things to know about VESC tool and firmware
Preparation: Getting ready for the firmware update
Updating: Performing the firmware update
FAQ: Common problems and solutions

Updating your VESC firmware

Step 1: find out which firmware you have
Step 2: make a backup of your configuration
Step 3: download newest VESC tool and matching firmware

Common Problems一Number 1

My firmware version is unchanged after firmware update

Underlying Issue
Firmware update fails if you don't have the right bootloader installed

∪se the VESC tool to update your bootloader too

Common Problems一Number 2

Cannot deserialize motor/app configuration
Underlying Issue
You successfully updated your firmware, but now your VESC tool no longer
matches the firmware version

Use the appropriate VESC tool version - if you updated to the latest firmware
you also need the latest VESC tool

Common Problems一Number 3

My motor is making funny sounds with the new firmware

Underlying Issue
Updating the firmware resets your configuration to the defaults

Restore your configuration if you made a backup beforehand
Otherwise, redo your configuration again from scratch