Why the copper wire of brushless motor go directly under the mounting hole?

Copper wire is the core part of the brushless motor. If it is damaged, the motor cannot be used normally.From the picture below, the copper wire is exposed under the motor mounting hole. Obviously the copper wire is damaged, causing the motor to not work normally.

Flipsky Brushless DC Motor 63100 Battle Hardened

Why does this happen?

When fixing the motor with a motor mount, if the screw is too long, the part of the screw that exceeds the depth of the motor mounting hole will touch the copper wire. At this time, if the screw is screwed in harder, the copper wire will be easily injured.

How to avoid it?

Using the correct length of screws is the key! When you choose the screw, make sure that the length of the screw is less than the thickness of the motor mount and the depth of the motor mounting hole. If you still don't know how to choose, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!