Why the electric skateboard motor 66112 stop working after 30 seconds?

Some customers ask aobout why the electric skateboard motor 66112 stop workign after 30 seconds?


Hi, can you help me please? I have buy your Watterproof electric brushless motor 66112. I have connect it to an Hobbywing – seaking HV V3 watterproof 130A 5-12S, and connect it to a 12S LIPO batterie. I have install it on my PADDEL and test it but it work about 30 seconds after the engine blocked and was hot. I don't anderstand why in 30 second the motor blocked. when I turn it by hand there is a hard point, i I think the winding was damaged. What do you think: Is this due to a manufacturing defect in the engine or other? but the motor are blocked very fast, just 30 second work. have you the value of the ESC timing ajustement for this motor exemple or other parameter? 


Flipsky Brushless dc motor 66112 waterproof
Why the motor 66112 stop working after 30 seconds?


Thank you for your pictures. The max power of this motor is 3KW, and the continuos is about 1500-2000W per application environment. Per your information below, 12S about 50.4V after full charge, using 130A current, then the power will be 50.4V*130A=6552W, much over than the max power we marked. So, it's over burden and burnt. For next time, you can use a more powerful motor or smaller current or lower voltage. Thanks.