Wiring & Configuration for Flipsky Bluetooth module V4 & V6

Once in a while we need to deal with troubleshooting like I connected bluetooth just as the diagram on your website, why isn’t it working? Or my phone is not reading the data of the ESC, what’s wrong?

There are two things you need to check: Wiring & Configuration

About wiring

1. You should know that bluetooth for V4 and V6 are actually the same module. The only main difference is the wire order.

flipsky bluetooth

Bluetooth for V6 series is soldered to a 8 pin JST connector, cable order:VTX/VRX/GND/VIN
Bluetooth for V4 series is soldered to a 7 pin JST connector, cable order:VRX/VTX/GND/VIN


flipsky bluetooth V4 and V6 difference

Generally, there are 4 pins from bluetooth, goes to the corresponding pins on a 2mm 7pin/8pin port on the vesc. To make it easy we do the wiring before shipping so you just need to plug in the JST connector, So make sure you order bluetooth with the correct wiring. However if you order this bluetooth from somewhere else, you only get wiring for V4 series.

2. The difference between non-vesc based bluetooth and Flipsky bluetooth (base on vesc)
bluetooth module vs flipsky bluetooth module
bluetooth module vs flipsky bluetooth module

Generally, for the HM-10 Bluetooth BLE4.0 module, the TXD (transmit), should goes to RX on FSESC, and RXD (receive) to TX on FSESC . But for Bluetooth Module Based upon the nrf51_vesc project, VTX (receive), should goes to TX on FSESC, and VRX (transmit) to RX on FSESC.


flipsky bluetooth collection

flipsky bluetooth collection

Just make sure you're doing correct collection of bluetooth module with FSESC.


If you’re using a Dual ESC, we suggest you plug in bluetooth module on the slave side that you set.
Flipsky bluetooth module can only support Android mobile device. Why? Because the master of vesc project Benjamin Vedder haven’t made APP for IOS. While HM-10 is compatiable with both Android & IOS.

3. Some DIYers also use two bluetooth module in a dual FSESC, If you need to do so, just plug in the module to each single board on the Dual FSESC . (See picture)

assemble two bluetooth in a dual FSESC
assemble two bluetooth in a dual FSESC

About Configuration

First thing first, Keep in mind that you do this on Androd devices .

1.Before connecting to your phone, make sure you choose APP to Use as below, PPM and UART、ADC and UART、UART will all work.
VESC APP Bluetooth interface
VESC APP Bluetooth interface

2.If you’re using two bluetooth modules, same procedurewith the first one.
And click “disconnect”, then scan for your second bluetooth to connect, see connected.
two bluetooth collection with vesc
two bluetooth collection with vesc

3.Also, the default baudrate of this bluetooth is 115200 (others like HM-10 above might appear to be 9600).
bonderate of vesc bluetooth
bonderate of vesc bluetooth

About bluetooth in general

BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Low Energy appeared in the market in 2011 as Bluetooth 4.0. When talking about Bluetooth Low Energy vs. Bluetooth, the key difference is in Bluetooth 4.0's low power consumption. With this applications can run on a small battery for four to five years. Although this isn’t ideal for talking on the phone, it is vital for applications that only need to exchange small amounts of data periodically, like esk8.

Before bluetooth 4.0

2.0 outdated

2.1 we can still see a lot of these in the market, mainly increases the standby time by more than 2 times compared to 2.0

3.0 a new protocol is used, transmission speed increase by 8 times, which make it possible for video transmission.

Now 4.0 the dominant, Fast search, fast connection, ultra low power to keep connected and transmit data .

(above information sourced from internet)

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